Clear Channel has teamed up with Ogilvy UK’s Proud network to launch a new Out of Home campaign to celebrate LGBT+ History Month.

Launching recently across Clear Channel’s digital Out of Home screens around the UK, the series of seven posters features little known facts and insights about queer history and raises awareness that not all history is straight.

The campaign reminds the world that the LGBTQ+ experience is nothing new but has just been buried from view for centuries. The posters mark an importance step towards changing that reality. History reflects those who write it and hides those who don’t.

Jason Jarvis, Creative Agency Account Director and LGBTQ+ Crew lead, Clear Channel UK: “As a one-to-many medium Out of Home is the perfect platform to deliver campaigns that inspire, educate, and give hope to the audiences we serve and represent. Celebrating the LGBTQ+ community has been important to Clear Channel and working with Ogilvy will allow us to super charge our creative message around LGBTQ+ History Month. This partnership takes our efforts to the next level and it’s something we hope to further build upon in the future.”

Angus George, ECD, Ogilvy UK: “Now more than ever LGBTQ+ visibility is vital. Not everything should be consumed through devices. Seeing and celebrating LGBTQ+ heroes in the real world on visible media delivers a serious punch. This is a vital message for the more marginalised sections of the LGBTQ+ community. Trans and non-binary folk are seeing their very experience and identity called into question daily in the media and minimised as some kind of ‘modern trend’.” 

For the last four years Clear Channel have celebrated the LGBTQ+ community with creative projects during key moments in the LGBTQ+ calendar for example History month in February and Pride (globally) over the summer.  

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