Creative agency Impero takes tackling climate change into its owns ‘paws’ with a no clients attached, Christmas campaign to help save the polar bears.

Climate change is certainly not ‘fake news’ – statistics for the near future look pretty bleak, as scientists predict that two-thirds of the world’s polar bears could disappear within the next ten years. Which is why Trump’s Xmas Meltdown, a retro arcade-style game developed by creative agency Impero, aims to give back and help raise money to save the polar bears – one of many beautiful species who stand to be destroyed as the ice caps continue to melt.

There is no doubt that 2017 has been a difficult year for the planet. Many of us have watched dumbfounded from the sidelines as, time and time again, certain world leaders made senseless decisions. One such decision was earlier in the year, when the U.S. announced that it would be pulling out of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

At the summit, nearly all the world’s countries agreed that, “without action to greatly reduce CO2 emissions, the Earth’s temperature will be 4°C or more above the pre-industrial average by the end of the century, creating a climate no polar bear has ever known.”1 This agreement was made with the exception of the leader of the free world.

Whilst a mammoth issue to combat, Impero is doing its best to help, with the creation of Trump’s Xmas Meltdown – a game which allows players to task an adorable polar bear to, safely, give the world leader a taste of his own medicine. Using a series of melting techniques applied to an ice sculpture of Trump, Impero hopes to unite polar bear supporters to collectively help tackle climate change issues, by turning a negative into a positive through gamification and a bit of Christmassy humour.

One-hundred percent of the donations from Trump’s Xmas Meltdown, as well as an additional donation of £1,000 from Impero themselves, will go directly to Polar Bears International, the world’s leading polar bear conservation organisation, in a charitable step that will help them to address the issues endangering the species.

On the campaign, Michael Scantlebury, Creative Director of Impero said, “This year, as an agency, we decided to give back, have some fun, and do some good for the planet. With flippant comments like, “where is climate change” and “global warming is an expensive hoax”, what hope will the polar bear population have in surviving the melting polar ice caps if we don’t do something now, by trying to impact change wherever we can.”

Laura Gaponenko, Head of PR & Brand Communications at Impero said: “Global warming has been an increasing concern in politics and the media – yet 2017 saw the staggering denouncement of a mounting, global urgency for change, when a certain political leader pulled out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.
Christmas is a time when all things ‘polar’ are used to promote festive cheer – from the North Pole, to snowy landscapes, to fluffy polar bears. Yet with the temperature of the planet rising at an unprecedented pace, and significant world leaders refusing to play their part in doing everything we can to change this, our societal penchant for these visuals carries increasingly time-sensitive, unspoken undertones.
With predictions that, by the mid century, two thirds of the world’s polar bears stand to be lost, we decided that our arctic aesthetics this Christmas needed to do more than simply look ‘festive’. And if we could engage a wider audience with our cause by making an example of someone prominent in the news this year, so much the better.”
Lara Groves, Lead Creative at Impero said: “Polar Bears International is the only organisation dedicated solely to the conservation of wild polar bears, and are recognised leaders in this field – and whilst there are many deserving environmental charities, we unanimously felt that they were the right people to support. 
We know we can’t save the polar ice caps with one Christmas campaign, but we can do something to support a species on the frontline of the destruction – and the more awareness we can bring to this increasingly desperate polar prognosis, the more we can all do to spread the true, giving spirit of Christmas.”

Trump’s Xmas Meltdown plays host to five unique and quirky melting techniques unlocked via a donation mechanism; users can donate to the cause by visiting, or going directly to the Just Giving page, /trumpsxmasmeltdown.


*Disclaimer – No presidents were harmed in the making of this charitable Christmas activity*

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