Dads on LinkedIn are changing their corporate mugshots to pictures with their kids

If you’ve got any father as a connection on LinkedIn, you may have noticed that they might have changed their display picture in the last few days. From the typical LinkedIn corporate mugshot to adorable pictures of them with their kids. 

It’s no coincidence. Hundreds of fathers across the world’s largest professional platform are doing the same. Reason? To show their professional circles that their life goes way beyond their profession. We’re talking about high-level professionals across some of India’s biggest companies in Tele communication, OEMs, Online Fashion retail, Automobiles, Technology, News & Media, Food Delivery, Financial services – to name just a few

The notion that a successful professional man is usually not as devoted a family man, has become a belief of the past. Today’s young dads manage to toggle between work and dad-mode with ease and have even branded themselves: as #PenguinDads- as an ode to the Male Emperor Penguin, which is considered the most devoted father in the animal kingdom. And our own #PenguinDads on LinkedIn haven’t missed out on the opportunity to let their connections know that their most important job is the one at home, with their little ones. A refreshing, much-needed point to be made, indeed!

PG Aditya, Senior Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney Bangalore says “Often, being successful at your profession is the biggest defense mechanism used by men to bail out of being involved and available at home. We wanted to show that’s it’s entirely possible for both sides to co-exist, through stories of those who do it already.”

The initiative in fact, started as a branded one. Started by Flipkart, as a follow up to their ‘Penguin Dad’ campaign, whose heartwarming lead film has become a major internet sensation. Now, they’re changing the face of LinkedIn India. Kudos!


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