DDB San Francisco shines a light on saving energy with an alternative ad

DDB San Francisco created a clever way for Energy Upgrade California to “shine a light” on energy conservation in honour of Earth Day.

In order to demonstrate that together we’re #BetterOff, the lights on a billboard in the Los Angeles area were turned off for a night, creating an alternative advertisement supporting the Energy Upgrade California initiative on top of the existing advertiser’s message.

The agency created a  time-lapse video of the entire activation that shows the unique transformation the out of home space made over night.

Lighting this billboard space usually consumes a great deal of energy, but this idea transformed the out of home placement into an off-the-grid media space. Using a special solar powered material, the Energy Upgrade California message illuminated, taking over the existing billboard once it became dark outside.

The #BetterOff billboard, which was located on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles, emphasized the need for every Californian to make an effort to save energy.

Ben Wolan, Executive Creative Director, DDB San Francisco: “Creating energy efficient or energy-free advertising is definitely something that can be recreated and used more widely. The possibilities of using energy efficient advertising in other mediums is huge. Most media placements consume energy and we’re always looking for ways to reduce energy consumption while still making the most of the media space.”

” We’ve always believed Energy Upgrade California is a brand that can walk the walk when it comes to saving energy and leading by example. To bring this idea to life,  we had a great client who rolled with a lot of fast turn arounds, not to mention our partners who were all willing to do whatever they needed to do to make this a reality.”



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