Diageo’s Massey takes leadership role on WFA’s Media Forum and Global Media Board

Isabel Massey, Global Media Director at Diageo, has been named as co-chair of the WFA’s Media Forum and Global Media Board, replacing Benjamin Jankowski, who has left Mastercard to set up his own consultancy, but remains a WFA advisor.

She will work alongside Gerry D’Angelo, VP Global Media at P&G, who continues as co-chair for both groups.

Massey and Diageo have a long history of collaboration with the WFA. Alongside other client work, Diageo’s ‘Trusted Marketplace’ was a key building block in the development of WFA’s Global Media Charter, a document that set the stage for the client-directed change needed in the digital media ecosystem. More recently, Massey worked with WFA as part of a group of advertisers and national advertiser associations to set-up the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

In her new role, Massey will assist the WFA team in supporting the organisation’s growing Media Forum – a peer-to-peer network of global media leaders from WFA’s 130 corporate members.

Current priorities for the Media Forum, addressed through research, benchmarking and regular events, include:

  • Global internal media capability, structure and transformation;
  • ROI, MMM, attribution and media measurement;
  • Global media agency models and management;
  • Privacy, data governance and control; and
  • Supply-chain transparency and ecosystem health.

Diageo is also one of a selection of leading advertisers, including GSK, Danone, L’Oréal, LVMH, Nestle, P&G and Unilever, who constitute WFA’s Global Media Board. The board works to launch and steer some of WFA’s media-centric industry work, including:

  • GARM – A cross-industry programme, steadily progressing better and more consistent standards, controls, measurement and verification of harmful digital content.
  • Halo & Cross Media Measurement – A cross-industry programme overseen by advertisers, which seeks to build open-source code that can power local instances of the world’s most promising and pioneering cross-media measurement tech stack.

“While we make progress on many fronts, issues within the global media ecosystem are persistent and evolving. Clients need to take a lead, and with Isabel and Gerry in place I’m confident we have the leadership needed to drive real, positive change. With the support of WFA’s Board of media leaders, and through joined-up thinking across a global network of corporates and national advertiser associations, the WFA Media Forum is uniquely positioned to make a difference,” said Stephan Loerke, CEO of the WFA. “I would also like to pay tribute to Ben Jankowski. Ben is an extremely well-liked and effective international media leader and our longest-serving chair. Ben has influenced much of WFA’s recent media work, from our focus on programmatic transparency through to the development of our cross-media measurement technology.”

“I’ve always found the WFA Media Board and Media Forum to be useful for my own learning and powerful in driving collective change, so I’m delighted to be taking on the co-chair role alongside Gerry. The next few years are shaping up to be industry-defining, so I’m keen to take a front-seat, ensuring the common interests of advertisers, including Diageo, are represented,” said Isabel Massey.

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