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If anyone could afford to donate to us to help with running costs it would be gratefully receieved. At the moment the site is becoming bigger and bigger and taking more time. I think the site is important so even if no-one donates I will still continue with the site and fund it myself but I thought I’d ask. The site officially comes under the banner of my company SM Marketing but at the moment I pay for it out of my own pocket.

If you can spare anything at all and wish to contribute to imporving and maintaining this site then please feel free to donate on the sidebar.

Thank you.

Ethical Marketing News does not make enough through Advertising to keep the site going and is subsidised by the editor, if you enjoy or use the site and can spare anything it would be greatly appreciated and go towards the running and improvement of the site. The default is set to £10 but whatever you can afford would be appreciated, I understand not everyone can afford £10. Every £ helps. Anything we receive over the amount it takes to run the site will be donated to charity.

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