Doner, POPSUGAR and Melanoma Know More Launch Get Checked. Period Campaign

By the time you finish reading this, you will have passed over 10 reminders to help you detect skin cancer – just in time for the holiday weekend.

That’s because this week Doner, in partnership with POPSUGAR and Melanoma Know More, is hacking the ubiquitous black dot at the end of a sentence as an innovative awareness effort to save lives. From now through September 30, visitors who roll over the periods in health and wellness articles, as well as beauty-tip stories, on POPSUGAR – the influential lifestyle media platform – will see them transform into reminders about skin cancer awareness that link to educational materials on Melanoma Know More’s website about the ABCD&E of detecting suspicious spots.

To check out the live experience, click on any story here

As summer winds down and skin cancer awareness efforts start to taper off, Doner ECD Brad Emmett and ACD Mark Adler – both skin cancer survivors at a young age – wanted to do more to help make melanoma screening a year-round conversation, especially among a younger generation. Their personal experiences taught them that early melanoma detection often doesn’t come at the doctor’s office, but rather, when a loved one notices a suspicious spot that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. With 1 in 5 Americans now developing skin cancer in their lifetimes, and the incidence rate of melanoma increasing more than any other type of cancer, the Doner team was inspired to help extend the conversation beyond the summer months on POPSUGAR, which reaches 1 in 2 millennial women in the United States. The goal is to help more people understand what to look for, and when to seek screening, testing and treatment.

In addition, Doner has offered to make the technology available to any brand or media company that wants to hack their periods to help spread the message.

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