Dr.Vegan Launches in the UK

DR.VEGAN®, a ground-breaking new range of vegan-certified vitamins and supplements – tailored to individual dietary needs and delivered direct to consumers via a dedicated subscription-first e-commerce platform – has recently launched in the UK.

DR.VEGAN® has been developed by a distinguished team of nutritionists and dietary scientists to transform the £2.2bn UK retail vitamins and supplements sector with a service built squarely on simplicity, convenience, and peace of mind – underpinned by unrivalled quality.1

For decades, nutrition-conscious buyers have been sold short by overwhelming choice, confusing information, and inconsistent quality that make finding the right products for their needs unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming. DR.VEGAN® dramatically streamlines the process, allowing them to personalise, select, purchase, and manage the highest quality supplements with confidence.

The DR.VEGAN® motto is “Better Me. Better Planet”. Ethically sourced, expertly formulated and manufactured from naturally-sourced ingredients, DR.VEGAN® products are derived only from the world’s most sustainable producers. All packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, and customers receive a refillable DR.VEGAN® pill tin with their first order to both minimise waste and add even greater convenience and portability. 

Unlike other available supplements that contain vegan ingredients, the entire DR.VEGAN® range is designed to be 100% compatible with every type of diet – whether vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous – and is the first range designed to meet the needs of plant-based diets. The DR.VEGAN® Daily Multi-Vitamin is a first of its kind, a complete formula addressing the nutritional needs of people reducing or removing dairy and animal products from their diet. The DR.VEGAN® Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Gentle Iron with Vitamin C, and Choline are optimal formulas for plant-based diets. 

At the heart of the DR.VEGAN® system is a sophisticated e-commerce platform which enables each customer to create a personal Diet Profile based on foods they eat within minutes, and receive a tailored recommendation for the supplements they require. A “cancel-anytime” subscription option means orders are then delivered direct to their home automatically every month in special letterbox-friendly recyclable packs. Users can easily use the platform to review or update their nutritional requirements as their diet and life circumstances evolve.

Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson (RN, mBANT, CNHC), a nutritionist with 14 years’ experience in the health industry and developing supplements, said: “As the growth in the number of people adopting plant-based diets – whether for a few days a week or seven – shows no signs of slowing down, the need for supplements designed to meet their nutritional needs has become even more important.  The DR.VEGAN® Daily Multi-Vitamin and individual supplements do just this. They use only the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients that are bio-available and effective, and they’re all in capsules so there are no unnecessary excipients, which are found in tablets.”

DR.VEGAN® Co-founder & Managing Director Gordon Lott, who has 20 years of e-commerce experience, and held leadership roles with supplements brands’ Solgar and Nature’s Bounty, said: “We created DR.VEGAN® because it was clear that UK consumers were crying out for a better way to buy vitamins and supplements online. 

“Until now, the product information available to them has often been inconsistent and confusing, while the quality of what’s in the jar can be highly variable. Vegan or not, nutrition is too important to take chances with what we put into our body – we should all be confident the supplements we take are ethical, bio-available, effective, and don’t harm our planet. 

“DR.VEGAN® is designed to simplify nutrition and enable people to understand their needs quickly and accurately, buy the highest quality vegan products online with ease – and have the reassurance that they’re minimising their environmental footprint. We’re incredibly excited to bring our range to the market.”        

DR.VEGAN® currently offers a Daily Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, Gentle Iron & Vitamin C, Ashwagandha KSM-66, and Choline. Further products will be added to the range throughout 2020/21. 

The products have been created by DR.VEGAN®’s in-house team following extensive research and development – backed by a panel of expert nutritionists including: Dr Laura Wyness PhD Rnutr; Raj Banwait PhD; Shona Wilkinson RN mBANT CNHC; and Dr Katherine Hodgkinson MB BS DFFP DRCOG MRCGP.

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