DRUM Introduces the Agency’s Inaugural Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Program

DRUM Agency is announcing its plans for a full day of kid activities this summer in its Chicago, New York, and Atlanta offices.  DRUM Agency considers this inaugural year of its annual program, crucial to the development of our future workforce. The event is designed to inspire students by nurturing their talents ranging from art and design to copywriting, to mathematical skills (finance) and organizational skills (project management). 

Activities for the children under 10 will involve:

  • Brainstorming campaign ideas by tapping the children’s creativity and inquiring about their opinions of campaigns underway at the firm.
  • Capitalizing on their (sometimes brutal) honesty for taste tests, product testing, and fashion design input for clients ranging from restaurants, manufacturing, and retail.
  • Testing their creativity through artwork that will be on display in the three offices.

Activities for children over 10 will involve:

  • Participating in practical experiences by working side-by-side with writers, designers, accounting, and others depending on the child’s interests.
  • Shadowing executives leading various areas of the agency business.
  • Participating in a focus group to provide additional insights into what is important to their generation.

“The agency business requires talents from all kinds of people to be successful,” said George Wiedemann, CEO of DRUM Agency. “Introducing the various facets of our industry to our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews will not only inspire the future leaders of advertising innovation; it will further illustrate to our students that their education experience today will apply to their lives in the adult world. At DRUM Agency, we are trying to ‘walk the walk’ of our company culture by recognizing that our children are what keep our employees in rhythm with the marketplace.”

DRUM Agency intends to make this annual celebration an opportunity for all employees to be engaged and will invite the involvement from some of its clients to participate in the fun, where appropriate.



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