Ecotalk + RSPB launch new mobile phone contract

The RSPB have joined forces with Ecotalk, one of Britain’s most sustainable phone providers that’s committed to change, to create Ecotalk + RSPB.

Ecotalk + RSPB will invest 100% of its profits in to nature, paying for new reserves, creating new homes for wildlife under threat, while powering all calls, texts and data with green energy from the wind and the sun.

Ecotalk and the RSPB – a match made in heaven

Ecotalk state they’re excited about the work they can do together with the RSPB.

The RSPB manages over 200 reserves across the UK and works worldwide to tackle issues facing nature and wildlife. Its work has never been more necessary – with nearly 50% species in the UK in rapid decline – but it’s also never been harder.

Every day, the RSPB sees first hand how the climate crisis is having a severe effect on the natural world we all love. There are simple signs like how garden birds are changing their behaviour: great tits, for example, are laying their eggs 11 days earlier than they did 40 years ago; and previously migratory species like blackcaps are no longer leaving due to our milder winters.

And there are also more complex signs, with species like Common Scooters slowly decreasing in number as their habitable range moves north, and seabirds like puffins no longer being able to find adequate food in our oceans due to increased water temperatures.

Ecotalk + RSPB say:

Ecotalk and the RSPB both firmly believe in demanding more from our leaders, calling for strong laws for nature, sustainable farming practices, and a green economic recovery.

We also believe in living more sustainably; changing how we holiday, reducing our diet’s carbon footprint, and changing how we power our lives are all small changes for us, but they result in big rewards for nature.

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