Ethex hold sustainable transport in a post-COVID-19 future webinar

Ethical business advisor’s Ethex will host an interactive webinar with, Co Cars, Charge My Street, Extinction Rebellion and Mairi Brookes to look at some of the innovative organisations who are working to build the infrastructure needed to ensure the UK can move to a low-carbon sustainable transport system following the COVID-19 outbreak.

May 18th  1:00 pm – length 45 minutes

Title: Scaling sustainable transport for a low-carbon post-COVID-19 future 


Currently, people and communities are worried about the effects of COVID 19 and this has led to a drastic reduction in vehicle usage as more people stay at home. This reduction has had a knock-on effect of less congestion, cleaner air and lower levels of carbon emissions – all good news.  

However, the danger is that when lockdown measures start to be relaxed that people automatically get back in their cars, using this as a way of continuing to socially distance themselves rather than using public transport. This has been the case in Wuhan and if other cities follow the same routes then transport carbon emissions will once again start to accelerate. 

This is why it is more important than ever that we plan to scale sustainable transport infrastructures across the UK to benefit people, communities and the environment so we can #BuildBackBetter with lower emissions, less air pollution and lower congestion following our recovery from COVID 19.

In this webinar, we will be joined by a panel of experts who will discuss how the current crisis has changed the playing field for sustainable transport and what action is needed to make a low-carbon transport system a reality for the UK in the near future.

We will chat about what commitments councils are making to support a sustainable transport infrastructure as well as what is needed to create more sustainable UK cities.

Our panellists will be representatives from organisations who are already working to put this vital infrastructure in place to hear what they’re doing and how they are raising finance from communities to enable them to scale their efforts at this vital time. Panellists will also discuss how they are ensuring low carbon transport is accessible to all and why keeping the value in the communities that they serve rather than simply extracting maximum value for company shareholders is critical to creating the type of sustainable transport system we want to see.. 


  • Lisa Ashford, CEO  Ethex
  • Mark Hodgson, CEO, Co Cars
  • Daniel Heery Charge My Street
  • Sarah Lunnon, Extinction Rebellion
  • Mairi Brookes


  • Welcome and introduce co-hosts – a short overview of each organisation
  • COVID 19 – the opportunities and risks for sustainable transport – how the coronavirus has decreased our reliance on private vehicles and the impact this has had.
  • What is needed to build the infrastructure for a more sustainable low-carbon transport system in the UK? What countries are getting it right and how?
  • What is the role of the national government and local authorities and what are they currently doing?
  • What policy changes can the government realistically put in place to help achieve this and how can they be lobbied?
  • Charge my street, Co Cars and Electric Blue – what are these organisations doing to drive change, deliver value to communities they are based in and how can their business models be rapidly scaled?
  • Q and A 


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