Evite Challenges America’s Children to Make a Difference

Evite®, have challenged America’s children to change the world one birthday at a time. “Evite Birthday Heroes”, a campaign celebrating children who donate their birthdays to charitable causes, kicks off today with a goal of having one million birthdays donated. This is part of Evite’s year-long 20th birthday celebration.

To kick off Birthday Heroes, Evite is highlighting Olivia A., Birthday Hero #1 from Louisville, KY. For her 13th birthday, Olivia teamed up with Uspiritus, a nonprofit dedicated to healing the hearts and minds of vulnerable youth. Olivia turned her birthday party into a community service event packing ‘Birthday Kits’ for residents of Uspiritus, some of whom have never celebrated their birthday or received a birthday present.

“For my 13th birthday I told my mother I have many wonderful games, toys and clothing and I was grateful for what I have. I’m inspired by the movement today across the country by wanting to help those less fortunate than me,” said Olivia.

Watch the video of Olivia’s story and learn more about becoming a birthday hero here: evite.com/birthday#heroes.

“There is a movement across this country that children of all ages want to be a part of,” said Victor Cho, Chief Executive Officer at Evite. “We want to be the service that helps children make a difference in another person’s life. Only a fraction of our kids’ birthday events have donations enabled. Olivia is the tip of the iceberg of children who feel empowered and want to make a change.”

Evite is encouraging Birthday Heroes to use Evite Donations, powered by Pledgeling, to accept charitable donations for a favorite cause, directly via an Evite invitation. Evite never charges a fee to make donations.

Constituting approximately 30% of Evite’s charitable events, Kids Birthday events account for almost 20% of the $6 million raised in Evite Donations history.





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