Fareshare now in Partnership with HelloFresh

For every Family Friendly recipe a customer adds to their box, HelloFresh will provide a financial donation equivalent to the delivery of one meal for one person to families in need through this new partnership with Fareshare.

This includes delicious recipes, from Speedy Spag Bol with Spinach and CheeseHalloumi Burger and Wedges with Roasted Pepper and Sweet Chilli Sauce to Pork and Cheesy Mash Pie with Green Beans.

Look out for the recipes labelled ‘Charity Donation’, and support this partnership to help those in need.

Together, we can ensure that no good food goes to waste

Fareshare says:

“We’re proud to announce our recent partnership with HelloFresh, the UK’s favourite Recipe Box Delivery Service.  Everything in their recipe boxes come pre-portioned which means everything ends up on your plate.

HelloFresh customers waste 21% less food than those buying from supermarkets, which means you’ve got everything you need – and no food waste.”

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