FCB Inferno’s #QueenRules campaign continues with provocative new film

FCB Inferno, the agency behind This Girl Can, continue their #QueenRules initiative with a film that raises important questions about what we subconsciously teach children about gender.

The social experiment film aimed to see how adults would deal with gender bias when the cards are on the table. Would they blindly teach children that boys are better than girls? Or would they change the rules?

Inspired by a real conversation with a five-year-old girl about why Kings were ‘better’ than Queens, we asked adults to teach a small girl a simple card game. But when explaining why Kings outrank Queens, it was the adults that learned something far more important.

The 60-second film was produced by Archer’s Mark and directed by Libby Burke Wilde, with producer Jo-Jo Ellison ensuring each department was bursting with exciting female filmmaking talent – from the cinematographer to the colourist.

The Queen Rules project launched on International Women’s Day as a new way to play cards where Queen outranks King. Simultaneous live events and poker tournaments took place around the world to mark the official launch of the new rules. The players used limited edition decks of cards illustrated by sixteen female artists to celebrate powerful women of all different shapes and sizes.

All proceeds from the live events and merchandise, including T-shirts, art prints and playing cards, will be donated to HeForShe, a solidarity campaign for the advancement of women initiated by UN Women. The film also supports Equal Representation for Actresses. Queen Rules is an official friend of International Women’s Day.

The agency is challenging people everywhere to change how they think and play with the new rules. For examples of how to play, and which games work with Queen Rules, visit queenrulesproject.com or join the conversation with #QueenRules.

FCB Global’s CCO Susan Credle says: “A father is asked by his five-year-old daughter why the King is a better card than the Queen. And this campaign was his answer. Unconscious bias slowly, subtlety shapes who we become. Listening to how someone else views the world empowers us all.”




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