FCB Spain Is Crazy About ACNUR In First Campaign

After a contest between agencies, last December, the Spanish Committee of UNHCR (the UN Agency for Refugees) assigned its new brand campaign to FCB Spain.

The campaign revolves around the concept ‘I am crazy about UNHCR’ to come to praise the value of the contributions of partners and donors, that without them, it would not be possible to make a positive difference in the lives of millions of people. The idea seeks to thank the partners for their contribution and awaken pride in belonging to UNHCR.

The advertiser’s team has been led by Samuel Martín, marketing and fundraising director, and Amaia Celorrio, communication officer of the Spanish Committee of UNHCR.

Amaia Celorrio declares that ‘we are very excited about the new campaign in which we have worked together with the FCB team. The first tests we have done have been very positive and we believe that this campaign will help us to move many people, to make the work of UNHCR visible, and also to raise funds to improve the lives of many refugees. “

Manuel López, Chief Strategy Officer of FCB Spain believes that “in today’s world, which assumes constant humanitarian emergencies as normal, and where indifference grows, we need to recognize the heroism and courage of UNHCR’s donors.”

The campaign consists of two films for cinema, television and internet in versions of 60 “, 30”, 20 “, 15”, 10 “and 6”, as well as 3 executions for outdoor and press, display, social networks and merchandising.




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