Financial Times and Infosys announce strategic digital collaboration to enhance immersive journalism

The Financial Times has joined forces with Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting in a strategic collaboration to support creative and data-led storytelling for FT readers.

The new digital innovation partnership brings together the FT’s unparalleled expertise and insight with Infosys’ domain and technology capabilities to help deliver creative and immersive journalism through digital channels. The FT, already a leader in using technology to enhance user experience, is prioritising engaging digital techniques to bring readers closer to the stories that matter most to them. Among the banner projects the two companies will work on together in 2022 is a climate change-related simulation. This will take inspiration from an earlier newsroom innovation that was a strong hit with readers: the Uber Game. Here readers were put in the driving seat, immersed directly into the business model of Uber.   The climate project is pioneered by the FT’s Climate Capital team, headed by Emiliya Mychasuk, and Alan Smith and Sam Joiner, leaders in visual journalism.

The FT and Infosys teams will also develop a ‘crossword app’, digitising one of the most-loved and traditional puzzle features of the FT for its global following. The FT’s crosswords have a loyal following that stretches back decades, and through this partnership it will now be available to a much wider global audience in an engaging digital format for the first time.

James Lamont, FT Director of Strategic Partnerships said: “Our readers expect the best from the FT and we are experimenting with exciting digital ways to bring stories and features to a wider audience. With Infosys’ help, we can use technology better and faster to deliver eEditorial features in more enterprising and eye-catching ways. The expertise Infosys provides to these newsroom projects will help foster a spirit of innovation and reader service that supports our mission to delight and inform the FT’s audience.”

Ashish Kumar Dash, EVP and Segment Head – Services, Utilities, Resources, Energy at Infosys, emphasised “Enhancing in-depth journalism from the FT with the power of digital technology from Infosys offers an exciting opportunity for the global news audience and has the potential to set a new standard for news delivery. We are excited to become the digital innovation partner of an organization consistently recognized as the world’s most iconic, credible and influential news brand and look forward to providing exciting new technology solutions.”

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