Finisterre wrap up winter knitwear in marine-safe bags made from Aquapak polymer

Finisterre has become the first fashion brand to introduce their products in garment bags made from Aquapak polymer. Their new packaging will begin to enter the supply chain with select knitwear lines this October, before a full roll out in February, where the packaging will be included with all garments in their spring 2020 collection.

The collaboration began when Finisterre – who were founded on their commitment to product, environment and people – made a commitment to eradicate single-use, non-degradable plastic in 2018. Believing that ‘single use is no use’, their search ended when they discovered that garment bags made from Aquapak’s hot water soluble Hydropol™  are inherently anti-static, are marine safe and non-toxic. As they do not break-down into harmful microplastics in the ocean or on land, they ‘leave no trace’.

Commenting, Mark Lapping, Chief Executive Officer at Aquapak Polymers said, “We are delighted that Finisterre has become the first brand to introduce garment bags made from Aquapak polymer. The science behind our products is a real solution to the world’s plastic crisis and we look forward to seeing the positive reaction from their customers – knowing they aren’t adding to the problem, but helping to solve it.”

Aquapak’s Technical Director, Dr John Williams added, “The amount of pollution from traditional plastic packaging has, understandably, been a source of concern across the world. Many years of research and development have enabled Aquapak to develop an alternative to traditional, hydrophobic plastic packaging that gives all the functionality of widely-used plastic whilst addressing the concerns they bring.”

Whilst we understand that packaging would not be necessary in an ideal world, we acknowledge it’s essential to keep products protected on their journey. As the last piece of non-degradable plastic in their packaging, Finisterre turned to us to find a better solution. The Finisterre bag is made from the hot water soluble version of Aquapak’s Hydropol™  material which means it is perfectly suited for its use, yet still allows it to be recycled or be dissolved and disposed of safely and benignly in waste water systems.

“To see the completion of this project and the last 10 months’ work, is one of the most exciting moments in my career to date, to be able to launch something so ground breaking and literally world changing is an honour. To be partnered with Aquapak, leading the way for future generations is unbelievably inspiring,” says Niamh O’Laoighre, Product Development Manager at Finisterre.

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