Formidably Strong PRCA invites other PR associations to join its big tent

Opening this years PRCA National Awards, Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, issued a rallying call to other membership bodies to join the ‘Formidably strong PRCA’s big tent’.

Speaking in front of an audience of over 750 PR and communications practitioners, Ingham said:

“In 2018, the PRCA is in formidably strong shape.

“2018 has been a defining year for us -we have welcomed 222 new corporate members. Together with the Local Government Association, we now run LG Comms -the professional body for 104 public sector communications teams. Three months ago, we created PRCA Southeast Asia, with an office in Singapore. ICCO now operates in 66 countries. Last month, the APPC voted for merger, meaning that we are now the voice of the public affairs industry. And the body that represents UK marketing agencies is now located at the PRCA. So we are deepening our presence in the UK; broadening it internationally, and ourselves reflecting the blending of disciplines taking place.

“Over the next two years of Jim Donaldson’s Chairmanship, we will use this size and this strength to stand up for our industry even more than before. To address the challenges of evaluation; talent; diversity; ethical professionalism.

“But we can best stand up for our industry if our industry has one clear voice. There is a need and a desire for collaboration and consolidation of membership bodies. There are quite simply too many small tents. There needs to be one big one. This process has begun with the decisions of the MAAG, ICCO, LG Comms, and the APPC to come to us; and with our strong relationships with other complimentary bodies such as AMEC, Women in PR, Global Women in PR, and MIPAA.

“But the PRCA tent can and must and will grow bigger in the best interests of our industry. And we will work relentlessly over the coming years to achieve just that. So here’s my big offer -come with us, and together we will make our industry even greater.”

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