Fresh Step’s Cats On Glass Gallery helps cats find new homes

The “Cats On Glass Gallery” featured more 1,000+ live participants, the celebrity stamp of Ellen, hundreds of thousands of social views and, most importantly, the adoption of 120 cats.

It all started with mcgarrybowen’s creative idea to launch a new innovative product from Fresh Step called Clean Paws. The idea, demonstrated in two 15-second spots, showed what could happen when cat owners used the low tracking litter, which helps mitigate key pain points of cat owners: litter box rejection, mess and smell.

In “Vacuum,” a cat motors around the house on top of a robotic vacuum with the voice over “with low tracking litter your vacuum becomes a cat toy.”  “Cats On Glass” showed the bottom of a cat’s squeaky clean paws walking on a glass coffee table, “low tracking litter designed to stay off your floor.”

Cats On Glass struck a positive nerve with cat lovers and caused a eureka marketing moment for the brand. Partnering with spcaLA for the event which was planned and executed by Purple Door Communications, Fresh Step opened a pop-up interactive Cats on Glass Gallery downtown. For 10 days feline lovers experienced a pom-pom room, the me-own meditation center, a cat-lebrity Walk of Fame, and of course, cats on glass that gallery goers could take selfies with and adopt.

Sometimes a great creative idea takes on a life of its own. The Gallery was not only a great brand activation, but supported a higher purpose. With the adoption of 100-plus cats, Fresh Step furthered its mission to help every shelter cat find a forever home.  

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