Gap Launches Fall ‘STAND UNITED’ Campaign – A Tribute To Individuals United By Humanity For Equality

Fresh off the GapKids‘ BE THE FUTURE campaign – a call-to-action for youth, led by youth – Gap introduces STAND UNITED. The brand’s Fall adult campaign highlights the power of standing together as a collective of diverse individuals, voices raised, for a more equitable future.

STAND UNITED – a call for unity, and an expression of Gap’s brand platform of modern American optimism, is centered on the road across America. Award-winning photographer and director Christian Weber captured this unique moment in time as the pandemic forced the country to separate, only to realize the true power and value of connection. As people take the future in their own hands by changing the way we work, socialize and build community, we stand united in our resilience and strength to care and stand up for one another.

To move forward, Gap takes inspiration from its founding year, 1969 – another defining moment of American optimism for change—with the power of music that ignites action. The campaign launches digitally today to the soundtrack of Kristina Train’s modern, soulful cover of “Get Together” – an anthem made famous with a 1969 re-release that became a symbol of peace and brotherhood, and a cry for unity.

“Gap was founded during a formative time in our country’s fight for equality with a mission to do more than sell clothes,” says Mary Alderete, global head of Gap marketing. “Over 50 years later, Gap is still amplifying voices to bridge the gap between generations and cultures. We STAND UNITED, for freedom, dignity, and equality, by advocating for our collective ability to create a better future together.”

To vocalize these efforts further, Gap is releasing The Gap Collective T-Shirt Collection – a limited edition capsule of STAND UNITED and VOTE tees, proudly designed by artist and member of Gap Inc.’s African American Networking Group, Stephennie Factor. “I come from a beautifully blended family of Asian and Black descent, and like many kids growing up with a diverse background, there were times when I felt my voice didn’t matter,” says Factor. “This design is my word. This is a time to speak up and be vocal.” In complement to Gap’s VOTE masks, a new reusable, non-medical grade cloth face mask with STAND UNITED messaging will be added to the collection. All STAND UNITED and VOTE products with purpose are available today on

Gap is committed to strengthening our democracy by furthering partnerships with nonpartisan, non-profit partners, When We All Vote and Rock the Vote, to close age and race gaps at the polls and get out the vote. With a $25,000 donation to each organization, Gap continues to promote voter registration this year and drive to the dedicated voter registration page, provided by When We All Vote, powered by Rock the Vote, to ensure everyone has easy access to vote for the future. Rock the Vote will provide email and text election reminders, voter education and mobilization tools to those who register to vote, including absentee ballot requests and polling place look-up.

On National Voter Registration Day, September 22, Gap will host a series of events and live talks about why voting matters. To amplify voices, Gap House Sessions will feature a performance by multiplatinum R&B/pop artist JoJo. She will debut her new song, “American Mood,” ahead of its September 25 release on Clover Music / Warner Records, as part of JoJo’s own efforts to get out the vote now. Gap will also be sharing the mic with Amber Cabral, an inclusion speaker who leads empowering conversations about race in this effort to close the voting race gap. And to close the generation gap, Gap will co-host a virtual conversation between a surprise guest Ambassador from When We All Vote and GapKids BE THE FUTURE activist and founder of OneMillionOfUs, Jerome Foster II, to discuss why voting is important and matters to youth. Everyone can follow along on @gap #StandUnited for content that goes live today and continues to the election.

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