Gillette Venus Forms a New ‘Board of Trust-Seas’, Led by Olympic Surfer and Ocean Advocate Carissa Moore, to Help Women Lead in Ocean Conservation

The ocean serves as the world’s greatest resource and connector, making it vital to protect for generations to come. Venus is continuing the brand’s commitment to sustainability by taking steps to help preserve the ocean. Last year, Venus partnered with We Are One Ocean to launch the global organization’s 30X30 initiative, a petition that calls on world leaders to preserve 30 percent of the global ocean by 2030. In addition, Venus has introduced paper packaging and durable, metal razor handles to help make each shave more sustainable.

While climate change is a universal issue, a recent report by the United Nations found women globally are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than men due to social, economic, and cultural factors. However, women are not often positioned to help lead effective change. In fact, according to a study conducted by Oceanography Magazine, while men and women enroll in undergraduate and graduate programs in oceanography in equal numbers, only 15% of senior faculty positions across 26 US institutions were held by women.

Now, with the goal of enabling more women to be a part of the solution in protecting the ocean, Venus is forming the brand’s first Board of Trust-Seas. The Board consists of six women who are uniquely breaking barriers in ocean conservation – from marine biology, to art and photography, to surfing. Carissa Moore, 4X World Surfing Champion, Olympic gold medalist, and ocean lover, will also hold a seat on the newly created Board of dynamic women.

As a brand that’s always been inspired by the ocean, we are incredibly excited to work on this mission together with our Board of Trust-Seas,” said Dana Brown Malcolm, North American Sr. Brand Director of Gillette Venus. “Each of these women are not only making important strides in the ocean conservation field, but also taking time to mentor young women around them.

WSL Chief People Officer, Emily Hofer, says, “We’re thrilled to partner with Gillette Venus on the We Are One Ocean campaign, and we are particularly excited about the work that the Board of Trust-Seas is embarking upon. Creating space for women, and others, who are so often marginalized from ocean conservation and sustainability, is crucial work and fully aligned with WSL’s commitment to equality.”

The Board’s first assignment kicks off this month with the Venus Wave Makers Program. Each Board member will host unique in-person or virtual experiences with a select number of young women who can benefit from the Board’s mentorship, with the goal of increasing the number of women in ocean conservation fields. In addition to Carissa Moore, the Venus Board of Trust-Seas will include:

  • Symone Barkley (she/her): Chief Learning Officer for Black in Marine Science
  • McKenzie Margarethe: Marine Naturalist and Researcher
  • Katie Storr (she/her): Yachting Professional, Underwater Photographer and Scuba Instructor
  • Carissa Cabrera (she/her): Marine Conservation Biologist and Educator
  • Andriana Fragola (she/her): Marine Biologist and Conservation Jewelry Artist

This field [ocean conservation] is dominated by men, who can provoke feelings of alienation and doubt in women, so it is imperative that women support each other in the field,” said Symone Barkley, Venus Board of Trust-Seas member. “I’m excited to partner with Venus to connect with young women about the importance of ocean science and how they can uniquely play a role in leading effective conservation efforts.

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