Gillette Venus and Regina King Celebrate Female Creativity and Its Contribution to the World

In the world of marketing, less than seven percent of directors are women. Gillette Venus wants to help close that gap with the launch of the Her Shot campaign, a social experiment in storytelling and celebration of all the ways a female perspective can disrupt and improve the world.

Gillette Venus is partnering with 10 up-and-coming female directors to create video content spotlighting the importance of a woman’s point of view and sharing unique perspectives on the positive impact this can have on the world. The brand is also partnering with actress/director Regina King to serve as a voice of inspiration to the directors, providing tips and advice on success so they can elevate their voices in the industry.

Although shaving has been an important step in many women’s everyday routines for decades, shaving products weren’t truly designed for women until 2001 when Gillette Venus launched the first razor made specifically for a woman. Razors created to fit a woman’s shaving needs are just one expression of what designing for a woman really means, and Gillette Venus wants to explore all the ways that the designed-for-her difference can come to life with this campaign.

“Whether it’s stronger female characters or a more realistic portrayal of the female experience, there’s so much potential for women to shape the world with the stories they tell. I’m looking forward to seeing the unique perspectives from these 10 women,” says Regina King. “Right now with the majority of content coming from male directors, we’re too often seeing the world through a male lens. I’m excited to partner with Gillette Venus on this campaign because giving women more of these content creation opportunities is a step in the right direction.”

Gillette Venus is inspired by women from all walks of life, and the brand knows that every woman has a unique perspective and story that is waiting to be told. That’s why the brand tapped into Fiverr, the world’s largest marketplace of creative and digital services, to select 10 female directors to be the driving forces behind these stories.

“Gillette Venus has always designed products based on listening to women and what they want. With this campaign, we’re continuing to promote female perspective and design, but through a lens,” says Hillary Mone, North America Gillette Venus Brand Manager.

Earlier this year, the Procter & Gamble Company announced its commitment to gender equality through a series of new actions, commitments and partnerships to achieve 100% accurate and positive portrayals of women in advertising and media. In that spirit, the Her Shot campaign is all about supporting female creativity and committing to bringing more of it to the forefront.

You can learn more about the campaign and view all the content from these directors by visiting the brand’s Instagram TV hub at and follow along with the conversation using #HerShotxVenus.

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