Girls in Tech Introduces #Ladybrags, a Movement That Celebrates Women in the Workforce

Girls in Tech, a non-profit organization focused on the empowerment, entrepreneurship, engagement, and education of women in technology, today announced their #Ladybrags campaign, a movement that motivates and uplifts women. To celebrate International Women’s Day, the organization is calling on women to empower each other and celebrate their achievements. The #Ladybrags campaign aims to join women working in tech and encourages them to celebrate their successes. Additionally, the organization is providing the opportunity for people to donate and invest in women across the globe.

“It’s more important now than ever for women and girls to champion one another,” said Adriana Gascoigne, Founder and CEO of Girls in Tech. “Often times women shy away from celebrating their accomplishments, especially in the workplace. That’s why we’ve created this moment, to share achievements proudly, without fearing judgement. So, the next time people think of a pioneer in tech, that triumph is attributed to a woman.”

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, Girls in Tech invites females around the world to join the conversation by sharing their #Ladybrags.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Write it: Write down an accomplishment that stands out above the rest, or nominate a friend doing incredible work and brag on her behalf! Download a #Ladybrags graphic, print it, and write on it, or grab a Post It note, napkin – anything accessible!
  • Post it: Post the brag to a wall inside an office, and encourage friends and coworkers to download and post, too. Encourage allies to nominate women, and help great work from other ladies get recognized and celebrated as well.
  • Share it: Snap a picture and share it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other platforms, use the hashtag #Ladybrags, and tag friends to pass it on!

To take the #Ladybrags campaign to the next level, Girls in Tech is inviting women and allies to support women at work by paying it forward and creating a fundraising team. This is an opportunity for companies to support the accomplishments of their female employees by getting involved and making an investment in their future workforce with a donation to Girls in Tech.

Every dollar donated to the #Ladybrags campaign will support Girls in Tech’s global mission to educate, empower, and engage women passionate about technology.

  • $100 helps provide scholarships so students can attend events like the Catalyst Conference for free.
  • $250 provides Girls in Tech entrepreneurs with advanced trainings and mentorship opportunities.
  • $500 helps launch our global social impact series Hacking For Humanity.
  • $1,000 teaches a woman to code at CODE GIT, Girls in Tech’s exclusive coding academy launching in 2018.
  • $5,000 opens a new Girls in Tech chapter in an underserved community around the world.

Learn more about the Girls in Tech programs here:


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