GoDaddy Releases 7th Annual Diversity and Pay Parity Report

GoDaddy has published its 2021 Diversity and Pay Parity Report, and the data show GoDaddy continues to make meaningful progress to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace that encourages employees to bring their authentic selves to work.

The 2021 report shows GoDaddy pays men and women in similar jobs at parity across the company, and the same holds true across ethnic groups. This is the 7th year GoDaddy has achieved pay parity across the organization, and since first reporting gender and salary data in 2015, GoDaddy’s gender representation has grown by 7%.

In the last year, GoDaddy also increased ethnic minority representation across all levels of the organization, with 36% of its 7,000 employees identifying as ethnic minorities—a 4% increase since GoDaddy began publishing its US ethnicity and salary data in 2017. And ethnic minority employees in technical roles inside the company are up to 40%, a 4% increase from 2020.

GoDaddy is committed to expanding its opportunities, as demonstrated in part by its ongoing efforts to reduce unconscious bias through training, whether around performance reviews or the interview process. With nearly 92% of employees feeling that their manager creates an environment that allows them to be their authentic selves at work, GoDaddy has taken diversity and inclusion from industry buzzwords to a cornerstone of its company culture.

You can view additional details and the report in its entirety here.

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