GOOD Launch AI Charter

There’s no denying that the recent growth in AI capability is going to revolutionise the way we work. However, this increasingly powerful technology also raises questions about the ethical use of AI.

As a Purpose-driven agency that aims to work for the world, GOOD is committed to ensuring that our use of AI aligns with their values.

GOOD have drawn up a charter, FAIR, to ensure our use of AI is fair and ethical. We are also encouraging the industry to follow suit.

The GOOD AI Charter


When AI is used to generate content, particularly imagery, we will only ever use platforms that fairly credit and compensate the original creators.


AI is revolutionising the way we work, but it can’t replicate the impact of authentic storytelling. We are a human-to-human agency and will continue to champion lived experience alongside AI input.


As AI becomes increasingly capable, it’s going to become more and more difficult to identify AI-generated work. We will be clear and open about when and how we are using AI.


AI platforms are shaped by the people that create them, and they learn from the digital population. We must be aware of this bias and shape prompts to ensure a balanced, diverse and inclusive output.


Ultimately, we understand that AI is a tool to enhance human output. We will take full responsibility for fact-checking our AI-powered output to ensure that all work meets the highest standard.       


We commit to never compromising client or customers confidentiality by sharing sensitive data with AI platforms.

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