Innovative new takeaway box released to tackle plastic pollution

Street Food Box, a new super-compact and foldable takeaway box made from PRIPLAK®, has today announced a new partnership with the charity City to Sea to stop plastic pollution from entering our oceans.  

The innovative takeaway box scheme is made from a patented indestructible polypropylene that is wipeable, microwavable and dishwasher safe and as such can be used over and over again eliminating the need for single-use plastics. 

City to Sea, who campaign to stop plastic pollution at source, found that over 11 billion items of takeaway food packaging are thrown away each year. This equates to 276 items per person every year. Unsurprisingly, packaging from takeaway food and drinks such as disposable coffee cups and takeaway containers are littering our streets, parks, rivers and beaches and are now consistently in the top 10 items found on beaches in the UK and Europe.

Street Food Box® comes complete with a set of environmentally-friendly polypropylene cutlery, a reusable, washable napkin and a durable, washable waterproof pouch in which to store everything. At the end of their very long life, all the items are 100% recyclable.  

Street Food Box was created and founded by Eddie Stableford. Commenting on the new partnership he said,  

“Our product is designed to reduce the amount of single-use plastics in our food system. But I am really proud that through sales of our boxes, we will also be supporting City to Sea’s award-winning campaigns that are already saving hundreds of millions of pieces of plastic every year.”  

Chloe O’Keeffe, Partnerships Coordinator at City to Sea added, 

“You can’t talk about tackling plastic pollution without talking about massively upscaling reusable packaging. Innovative new products like Street Food Box are making reusable options easy, practical and desirable for consumers. This is the future of take-away packaging.  

She continued, “The food-to-go sector has a massive environmental footprint. It is a much bigger challenge to embed refill and reuse culture than it is for eat-in settings. This is why we need new innovations in the market to help consumers choose to transition away from single-use towards reuse and why we are so proud to be partnering with Street Food Box.”  

Eddie Stableford, the founder of Street Food Box added,  

“My inspiration for what is on the surface a simple idea, was a growing frustration from seeing the appalling volume of food packaging that once used, was destined for landfill because the use of plastic laminates and coatings combined with food residue means that recycling isn’t possible.” 

“Constantly manufacturing, transporting and disposing of single-use packaging makes no environmental sense. And whilst compostable materials have been seen as somewhat of a panacea, the reality is that it’s simply a swop of one material resource for another and provides no benefits in terms of energy reduction used for manufacturing and freight. In addition, the supposed biogas benefit from compostable doesn’t stack up either if you consider the energy required for the composting process in the first place. Street Food Box® offers a unique solution to a UK-wide problem. And I’m delighted to say that Street Food Box is manufactured in the UK which minimises our carbon footprint further compared to current, imported, single-use solutions.” 

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