Global marketing industry growth eases following a strong COVID recovery

Introduction to WARC’s Global Marketing Index

The WARC Global Marketing Index (GMI) provides a unique monthly indicator of the state of the global marketing industry by tracking the rate of growth or decline across current trading conditions, marketing budgets and staffing levels polled monthly from a panel of 1000+ marketing executives.

Key insights – March 2022

The Headline Global Marketing Index (GMI) has seen slower growth in March compared to February from 62.4 to 61.1. Whilst all three regions maintain growth, APAC was the only region to see a higher rate of increase (from 63.7 to 64.3) in comparison to the Americas (from 65.4 to 64.1) and Europe (from 60.7 to 57.8).

(A value of 50 indicates “no change” from the previous month. The more distant the index is from 50 points, the greater the rate of change indicated.)

For your perusal, download a press copy of the full WARC GMI March 2022 report here

Our global panel consists of experienced executives working for brand owners, media owners, creative and media agencies and other organisations serving the marketing industry. The panel has been carefully selected to reflect trends in the three main global regions: Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe.

The Global Marketing Index results are calculated by taking the percentage of respondents that report that the activity has grown (“Increasing”) and adding it to one-half of the percentage that report the activity has not changed (“Unchanged”). A value of 50 indicates “no change” from the previous month. The more distant the index is from the amount that would indicate “no change” (50 points), the greater the rate of change indicated. Therefore, an index value of 58 indicates a faster rate of increase than an index value of 53, and an index value of 40 indicates a faster rate of decrease than an index value of 45. 

Panel outreach

Those currently working for a brand owner, media owner, creative or media agency – or any other organisation serving the marketing industry – can take part in our panel. The monthly questionnaire is easy to complete – there are just a few questions and these can be answered intuitively and without recourse to files. It will take the average panellist less than two minutes to complete the questionnaire each month. The full report is shared with participants.

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