Inogen Alliance Publishes 2021 ESG Report

Inogen Alliance is pleased to publish their inaugural ESG Report for 2021. The commitment areas outlined in their ESG policy concentrate on the improvement of their processes and target where they can make the biggest impacts internally. The priority is to work collaboratively on theirdirect impacts as an Alliance and plan for later extension of their core ESG commitments to the independent Associate companies. The report outlines areas of influence and impacts within Planet, People and Governance; including topics of carbon footprinting and offsets, sustainable travel, Health & Safety, and cross-cultural understanding.

“As we provide ESG support to our client partners, we also drive ESG influence internally across our Associate teams. Our multi-Associate ESG Committee, led by Board member Alex Ferguson, has spearheaded the Inogen Alliance ESG roadmap. We aspire to integrate increasing rigor into our ESG program moving forward, to ensure that our actions as a team align with our Alliance values. We are proud to present our inaugural ESG report as we celebrate two decades of collaboration and client service across the globe,” said Angelique Dickson, President of Inogen Alliance.

The report reflects our impact on People and the Planet as a ripple effect, with three key waves of influence:

  • The Alliance operations, including their team meetings and travel;
  • The nearly 80 independent Associate companies operations in over 200 offices around the world;
  • Thousands of clients globally on their ESG strategies, climate change solutions, compliance, health and safety, environmental impacts, and more, as ESG is embedded in all our traditional EHS and Sustainability services to multinational clients.

“The Alliance is committed to being a positive influence for ESG. We are in no doubt about the enormity of the challenges we face, but it is an extremely exciting time to be an EHS&S professional. I am very pleased to see the progress that the Alliance is making and reporting here, and to see the opportunities we have to progress our ESG journey in the coming years,” said Alex Ferguson, Head of ESG Committee and Inogen Alliance Board member / Group Managing Director of Lucion Group and Delta-Simons.

Download the Report Here.

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