Instagram Introduces Live Donations

You can now raise money for a nonprofit on Instagram Live. Many people are facing challenges at this time, and Instagram say they want to do their part to support nonprofits and communities who need it the most. Now, you can easily create a fundraiser on Live with 100% of the money raised going directly to the nonprofit of your choice.

To use Live Donations, tap the camera in the top left of Feed or swipe right in Feed. Tap Live at the bottom of the screen, select Fundraiser and choose a nonprofit to support. Once you begin your Live broadcast, you can see how many people are supporting your fundraiser and the amount of money raised in real time. Tap View to see a breakdown of your donors and individual contributions. You can even thank them in real time by tapping Wave.

Screenshots of Instagram Live broadcast showing process of adding Live Donation to your feed and seeing real time fundraiser information.

Inagram also partnered with Brazilian community illustrator @leonatsume to create a custom “I Donated” sticker, to help celebrate giving on Instagram. When you donate to a nonprofit fundraiser on Live or in Stories, you can access the sticker for a select period of time. Accounts you follow who use the “I Donated” sticker or donation sticker will be added to a shared story at the front of your Stories bar for a limited time, allowing you to see how your community is helping support those affected by COVID-19.

Screenshots of the Live Donations Instagram sticker in Stories which can show the total amount raised on Instagram.

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