Kingspan partners with EVBox Group in support of establishing a zero-emission company fleet by 2025

EVBox Group, a leading provider of intelligent electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, will provide Kingspan with over 60 regular (AC) and fast (DC) charging stations. This marks the start of a partnership that will help Kingspan in transitioning their company fleet to zero-emission cars.

Kingspan have begun a global transition program with charging stations being installed across multiple manufacturing sites in Ireland and the UK. As part of its Planet Passionate program, Kingspan set a goal of operating zero-emission cars by 2025. To help make this a reality, EV charging stations are being installed at their offices and manufacturing sites.

A shared vision for a sustainable future

Both the EVBox Group and Kingspan share a goal of establishing a more sustainable future, with the wellbeing of people and the planet at the heart of this vision. Kingspan are committed to creating products that save energy and carbon as the building industry plays a vital role in combating climate change. In actioning the transition of our company fleet to zero emission cars, EVBox will help by offering a full range of regular and fast charging solutions tailored to Kingspan’s needs.
EVBox will supply both AC and DC charging solutions, being installed initially at Kingspan’s IKON innovation centre and global headquarters site in Ireland. This package will be comprised of EVBox Troniq 50 stations, double EVBox BusinessLine stations, and EVBox Iqon stations. Kingspan will also provide employees with EVBox Elvi residential stations so company cars can be charged at home.


The valuable partnership with EVBox will begin in the UK and Ireland, before expanding to other regions in the coming months and years.

“We are happy to have found a partner in EVBox that shares our values and can help us to reach our goal of operating a zero-emission car fleet. EVBox’s extensive offering of charging solutions allows us to install different charging stations tailored to our needs at our offices and 159 global manufacturing sites. Not only are we able to place charging stations at Kingspan locations, but we can also provide our drivers with EVBox residential charging stations for their homes.”
Bianca Wong, Global Head of Sustainability at Kingspan Group
“Kingspan is a company that actually practices sustainable ways of working instead of just preaching them. I’m happy to say that EVBox is helping Kingspan to reach its goal of transitioning their company fleet to zero-emission cars, with our expertise in every area of EV charging—be it regular AC or fast DC charging—allowing us to make EV charging as easy as possible for Kingspan’s corporate drivers.”
Jonathan Goose, Regional Director UK & Ireland at EVBox

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