Kraft Shows Parents Don’t Have to Be Perfect to #FamilyGreatly

Kraft has served American families for over 100 years with foods that fit their lifestyle and how they family. Now for the first time ever, Kraft is bringing its family of products together to speak with a unified purpose to support today’s modern families.

Kraft studied the pressures parents face today, and found that 8 out of 10 parents feel they are under too much pressure to be “perfect.” But Kraft believes parents don’t have to be perfect to be great … and their kids agree:  4 out of 5 kids would rather have a great parent than a perfect one1. Through the brand’s new #FamilyGreatly campaign, Kraft shows there is no one right way to family as long as people do it with love and conviction. 

Kraft will shine a light on the lives of real families throughout the campaign, starting with a powerful new video that raises awareness of the pressures parents face. In a surprise twist, it shows these real parents that no matter what, in their kids’ eyes, they’re better than perfect … because they’re great.

“Parents put a lot of pressure on themselves believing there is a perfect, or right, way to family. The reality is there are a billion ways to #FamilyGreatly, and your way, if it’s done with love and conviction, is the best way,” said Anne Field, Director of Brand Building for Kraft. “When we first identified this insight, we knew it clearly spelled out what we believe as a brand. When we shared it with families, we felt such power in this universal truth. And as mom of two young daughters and a daughter myself, I couldn’t wait to share this message.” 

Kraft will feature real families in lieu of professional actors in digital videos and upcoming Kraft brand television commercials. The #FamilyGreatly purpose will extend on social media with @KraftBrand social channels and appear on shelf with new packaging for Kraft Singles, Kraft Natural Cheese, Kraft Mayo, Kraft Salad Dressing, Kraft BBQ Sauce, and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese that will be available nationwide starting in early 2018.

Kraft invites families to engage with #FamilyGreatly on social media, sharing the realities, joys and challenges of family life on @KraftBrand Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. Participants will hear from real Kraft parent employees, who will serve as kick-off social media managers and provide their own genuine, heartfelt responses on behalf of the brand.

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