Lara Everly Launches The Voices of #MeToo Video

A powerful new film, edited by Cut+Run’s Sean Stender and directed by Lara Everly, sheds light on the stark realities that continue to be illuminated in the wake of  #MeToo. In the piece, which Everly explains aims to “create something beautiful out of all this ash,” 11 women open up about the first time they experienced sexual abuse and harassment.

“In the wake of all the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and now many others, I sat gutted reading all the #metoo stories popping up on my social media feed,” comments director Lara Everly. “I was outraged and saddened realizing how many women I knew had experienced sexual harassment and assault, but I also felt inspired by the solidarity knowing I wasn’t alone. The women in the video are me. They are you.”

According to editor Sean Stender, “I felt it was important to be a part of this crucial conversation. This is a topic that requires effort and collaboration across all genders. It was an honor to work with Lara and give these women’s stories a platform.”

Echoing the collective message at the end of the film, we hope this project encourages other women to speak up out loud, to say never again. The more we speak up, the more we all wake up so that the next generation never has to say “me too”.



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