Leading Women’s Policy Organization Launches Champion Women to Promote Respect for All Women

Independent Women’s Voice have announced the launch of Champion Women — a first-of-its-kind non-partisan movement to celebrate the work and accomplishments of all women, promote civility and respect, call out those who objectify, marginalize, and mock women, and push for concrete changes so that women feel empowered to speak their minds and get involved.

Too often in the national debate people try to diminish the influence, perspectives, and policy solutions put forth by women with whom they disagree by degrading their appearance and delegitimizing their qualifications. This objectifies women and is simply wrong.

From sexist slights towards Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for her weight to body-shaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Champion Women will defend women against these kinds of personal attacks that objectify, belittle, or seek to silence them.

“Champion Women is needed now more than ever,” said Heather R. Higgins, CEO of Independent Women’s Voice (IWV). “To allow personal, baseless attacks on women to go unchallenged sends a message to women everywhere, ‘Keep quiet or suffer the same fate.'”

“These personal attacks are meant to marginalize these women, diminish their perspectives and work, daunt their participation, and discourage other women from taking a stand. Champion Women insists that women, regardless of background, political affiliation, and perspective, be treated with dignity and respect,” said Tammy Bruce, President of IWV.

The goal of Champion Women is to have a society where women’s views are welcomed, where women and men are treated with respect, and where women today and in generations to come know they can get involved and make their views known without being personally attacked.

Champion Women invites all Americans to join the movement to support, celebrate, and champion women everywhere. Together we can encourage debate of issues, ideas, and people’s qualifications and push for concrete changes so that all women are treated civilly.




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