Lord Price Announced as Fairtrade Foundation’s New Chair of Trustees

Former Trade Minister and Managing Director of Waitrose Lord Mark Price has been announced as the new Chair of Fairtrade Foundation’s Board of Trustees. 

In a move that will bolster Fairtrade’s future development and its authority within Retail and Government sectors Lord Price will take over the position in September 2018 from business strategy consultant Michael Jary who is retiring from the role, having completed his agreed five-year term.

A keen champion of fairness within the workplace, Lord Price will bring his vision and experience of British retail to the organisation as it continues to champion fair trade for farmers and workers who provide us with some of our favourite products from bananas to coffee to cotton.

Lord Mark Price said:  “I am delighted to take on the role of Chair of Trustees at the Fairtrade Foundation at a time of great change and opportunity, when Fairtrade has never been more relevant. My focus will be on working with the Foundation to ensure that UK trade in a post-Brexit world works for producers in developing countries, helping the Foundation showcase how it contributes to DFID’s goals of reducing poverty and building on the success of the incredible Fairtrade brand in the digital age.

My time at Waitrose allowed me to see first-hand the impact Fairtrade delivers for farmers and their families and I look forward to supporting better, fairer deals for better, fairer business.”

Lord Mark Price

Chief Executive of the Fairtrade Foundation, Michael Gidney, paid tribute to Michael Jary’s tenure as Chair whilst welcoming Lord Price to the Fairtrade Foundation:    “Michael Jary has helped shape the Fairtrade Foundation into an organisation delivering even more for farmers and producers, maintaining strong ties to some of the most well-known brands and creating new ways of working with others, whilst our grassroots support, always vital, remains strong. The appointment of Lord Price comes at a pivotal moment for the Fairtrade Foundation and the movement as a whole.

“Trade negotiations and new alliances will bring with them new challenges and opportunities for producers, and Lord Price’s unique breadth of experience, coupled with a keen personal commitment to fairness for all, will be invaluable.”

Outgoing Chair Michael Jary said:  “Fairtrade has achieved so much in delivering a better deal for farmers and producers around the world and I am proud to have supported that. I leave at a time that awareness of Fairtrade is at an all-time high with more people getting behind the principles and buying Fairtrade than ever before. As the UK decides how it wishes to trade with the rest of the world, Lord Price’s experience and insights will be vital in helping the Fairtrade Foundation take the next steps in delivering a fairer trading world.”

Lord Price will join the Foundation at a time of immense change in the grocery market and for the Fairtrade movement as it develops new ways of working with business to deliver for farmers around the world. With the United Kingdom poised to renegotiate how it trades with other countries around the world Lord Price’s appointment comes at a crucial time. He will join the Foundation as Chair in September 2018.



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