Mars Joins the Business for Inclusive Growth Coalition

Mars took part in the launch of a new Business for Inclusive Growth coalition—unveiled in France ahead of the G7 Summit. Mars CEO Grant F. Reid joined peers from major corporations, President Macron and members of the French government, representatives from OECD and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The focus was to help create a more inclusive economy which enables greater opportunity for all. That’s at the heart of the coalition which will engage with three important areas of inclusive growth: human rights, diversity at work and sharing value throughout the supply chain.

Mars want this initiative to drive new growth models and to establish high-level dialogue with global policy decision-makers to deliver real change.


“At the heart of it will be action, with the establishing of an incubator that will allow the companies involved to experiment with new inclusive ways of doing business and to partner to accelerate, build scale and extend reach – so we can see results and impact faster,” Grant Reid said. 

That sense of urgency is one we should all feel. At Mars, it’s what’s behind our 2017 announcement to invest $1 billion behind our Sustainable in a Generation Plan and our commitment to do our part beyond our own operations. 

“Making a positive difference in the world is everybody’s business. We’re committed to doing our part, and we’re encouraged and inspired by the movement of business at large to take up the mantle of responsibility and partner with governments and NGOs to work together,” he said. “This week fuelled my optimism. I’m proud to have been at the launch of B4IG representing Mars and aligning efforts to create a more inclusive global economy. But, even more, I’m enthusiastic about Mars doing its part to create the world we want tomorrow, and all of us taking action together to make a meaningful difference.”

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