Mechanica and Seniorlink launch “My Wish” Campaign

Creative agency Mechanica and care company Seniorlink have launched a new campaign “My Wish”, which highlights the effect diseases, in this case alzheimer’s, has on caregivers. The Campaign was launched to celebrate National Family Caregivers Month.

The campaign follows the success of SeniorLink’s “Thank You Caregiver Nation” campaign last year and continues the ongoing effort to support the over 50 million family caregivers around the country.

“As loved ones care for someone who is experiencing a steady decline in mental and physical abilities, they themselves often suffer declining health, and experience higher levels of stress and depression. The caregivers need care, too,” said Laurie Gillis, Director of Marketing for Seniorlink. 

The guiding insight behind the campaign is that people diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers are primarily concerned not for themselves, but for their caregivers. Therefore, Mechanica chose to highlight someone with this diagnosis and their concern expressed to their friends and family for their caregiver. 

The spot, “My Wish” features the story of Pam, a woman diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s and her husband, Bob, who is her caregiver. This campaign will run on Facebook and Seniorlink’s Youtube channel throughout November. 

Caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other dementias (and those that are close to them) are also encouraged to join their online community at Here they can share experiences, learn through unique videos and articles from clinical professionals, and enter to win a $500 care package.  

“We were struck by stories of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and their concern – not for themselves – but for what their disease will mean for those taking care of them,” explained Mechanica Creative Director Jim Garaventi. “We felt the most powerful thing we could do for these caregivers was to let people like Pam speak for them and their needs.”


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