Media Smart and TikTok release new educational resource

Brands can advertise their products in all kinds of new and exciting ways on TikTok, so it is vital that young people have a strong understanding of the branded messaging they’re consuming daily. Home to seemingly endless sources of creativity, connection and information, TikTok is an inspiring and entertaining place.  But it is important to remember that it also has a commercial purpose.

As well as educating young people about TikTok’s commercial side, the resources can also be used by parents and guardians who want to help young people use the platform confidently and securely. They will teach young people how to identify TikTok adverts, how brands and creators have to behave on TikTok and what safety tools are available to help manage their TikTok experience.

Rachel Barber-Mack, Director of Media Smart UK, commented: “Media Smart is absolutely delighted to be partnering with TikTok to empower young people with the critical literacy tools to navigate TikTok’s commercial side, helping them to confidently and securely use the platform, and most importantly, have the most positive online experience possible.

“We have worked with some incredible TikTok Creators to ensure the subject is brought to life in the most authentic way possible through TikTok style films. These will be played in classrooms across the country, as well as on the platform – reaching and educating millions of young people in the process.”

Stuart Flint, Head of Global Business Solutions, Europe at TikTok, said: “At TikTok, we have no higher priority than ensuring that we are giving our community, especially young people, a positive experience and a platform where they feel safe to express themselves.

“From household names all the way through to small businesses, brands are a key part of TikTok, producing some of the best creativity the platform has to offer, and it’s important that the younger generation can clearly differentiate between advertising and organic content. By launching these resources with Media Smart, we are providing valuable insight into the commercial side of TikTok, delivered in a fun and engaging way.”

The film-based educational resource, ‘TikTok: Adverts, Creators and You’, which features successful TikTok creators, can be found here.

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