MediaCom UK announce Gender Pay Gap

MediaCom, one of the world’s largest media agency networks, has announced its report on its Gender Pay Gap as required by UK law.

Their report is as follows below:

Gender Pay Gap FAQ

What is The Gender Pay Gap?
The Gender Pay Gap provides details of the gender balance within an organisation. It measures the difference between the average earnings of all male and female employees, irrespective of their role or seniority.

How is The Gender Pay Gap different from Equal Pay?
The Gender Pay Gap looks at the mean and median pay regardless of the roles performed. As different jobs pay different salaries and the number of men and women performing these jobs varies, a marginal gender pay gap will almost always exist.

This is different from Equal Pay, which is the difference in pay between men and women who carry out the same or similar jobs.  The statistics contained in this report do not represent Equal Pay status.

What is the Mean and Median Gap?
The Mean Pay Gap is the average. The mean pay gap is the difference in the average hourly rate of pay between all men and women.

The Median Pay Gap is the middle. To explain this, imagine that all employees were lined up in a female line and a male line, from lowest to highest in terms of rate of pay. The female and male in the middle of each line are compared. This is what gives us the media gender pay gap.

MediaCom UK Gender Pay Gap statistics (all statistics are from April 2017)

At MediaCom UK, we are committed to rewarding all of our people fairly, regardless of their gender, age, disability, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

We ensure equal pay across our organisation, with bands that are specific to the role performed and experience of employees and candidates considered for them.

In the UK, the national average median pay gap currently stands at 18.4% (Source: ONS).

However, at MediaCom UK, which includes MediaCom Holdings (our employees based in London) and MediaCom North (our employees based in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds), the median gender pay gap is at 13.8% (based on data collected in April 2017).

Within our specific offices, MediaCom Holdings has a median gender pay gap of 11.1%. MediaCom North has a median pay gap of 15.7%. These figures are all lower than the national average.

When we collected the data (April 2017), more than 80% of MediaCom UK’s workforce hold entry-level to mid-management-level job roles. The mean Gender Pay Gap for this population is 2%. The median Gender Pay Gap is 2.9%.

MediaCom UK’s plan for the future

It is our mission to continue reducing the gap to the point where it simply does not exist.

We aim to achieve gender balance across all levels of our company by 2023 and we hope to achieve this using the following strategies:

  1. Ensuring gender-neutral hiring opportunities, by considering an equal number of male and female candidates for all senior leadership positions.
  2. Preventing hiring bias, by ensuring every hiring panel is 50% male and 50% female.
  3. Eliminating unconscious bias, launching unconscious bias training for every employee, not just in the UK, but globally. This training is taking place in 2018.
  4. Welcoming women back, we commit to making it easier for women to blend work and life so that they feel empowered to stay at MediaCom

To learn more about MediaCom UK’s gender pay data, download our 2017 Gender Pay Gap Report here.


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