Mediaplanet Joins Forces with Sustainability Advocates Like Alicia Silverstone for Sustainable Living

Mediaplanet has announced its second annual cross-platform edition of “Sustainable Living” within the print edition of USA Today and online. This campaign aims to inspire readers to take proactive steps to live more sustainably by integrating energy efficient technology, organic eating and greener building designs.

The cover of “Sustainable Living” features actress, author and mother Alicia Silverstone, who in an exclusive interview discusses how her healthy lifestyle choices positively benefit her health, her son and the environment as a whole. She emphasizes how teaching sustainability to children at a young age will empower them to continue to live sustainably in the future. President of ASHREA, Bjarne Oleson, also spoke to Mediaplanet, discussing the huge percentage of energy consumed by HVAC systems and how readers can reduce the amount of energy used by the HVAC systems in their own homes.

This cross-platform campaign aims to highlight issues like water conservation, building insulation, agricultural sustainability, the health benefits of gardening and reducing energy use on building sites while calling on readers to take positive steps to live more sustainably in their own lives.

The print component of the campaign is distributed within USA Today with a circulation of approximately 250,000 copies and an estimated readership of 750,000 in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C, Baltimore. The digital component is distributed nationally, through a vast social media strategy and across a network of top news sites and partner outlets. To explore the digital version of the campaign, click here.

“Sustainable Living” was made possible with the support of Alicia Silverstone, American Council for Energy Efficiency, Toyota, Rheem, ASHREA, GE Appliances, California Almonds, US Water Alliance, Jobe’s Company, US Green Building Council, UL, National Home Builders Association, Proctor & Gamble, Energy Upgrade California, Mindful Mama and many more!


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