Medtronic Foundation Commits an Additional $10M to Global COVID-19 Efforts

The Medtronic Foundation announced an additional $10M in contributions to COVID-19 relief efforts across the globe. This adds to the initial charitable contributions made by Medtronic and the Medtronic Foundation of $1.2M in February to support immediate response efforts.

The Medtronic Foundation’s global and local response includes a comprehensive approach that is inclusive of cash contributions to over a dozen health and community nonprofits and will be used to fund:

  • Training and supervising frontline health workers
  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of frontline health workers, including provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) and critical supplies
  • Supporting preparedness efforts for the health workforce, including surge capacity; caring for chronic, at-risk patients; and remote patient monitoring
  • Offering local community support of health, economic and food assistance for vulnerable populations
  • Providing flexible support to nonprofit partners working in underserved communities

“With roots in the world’s largest medical technology company, the Medtronic Foundation has a responsibility to be a leader on global issues impacting access to healthcare,” said Paurvi Bhatt, president of the Medtronic Foundation. “During this unprecedented global health crisis, we are committed to supporting and equipping the courageous frontline health workers who are delivering critical care to those in need. Through volunteerism and financial investments, we continue to partner with thought leading partners working globally, nationally and locally – with the flexibility and investment required to meet this critical need.”

In addition to financial contributions, the Medtronic Foundation is organizing virtual volunteer opportunities to help the more than 90,000 Medtronic employees globally support non-profit organizations that are responding to this global health crisis. Many of these opportunities will engage Medtronic employees in skills-based volunteerism where they leverage their professional skills to support organizations in need.

The Medtronic Foundation also will continue to match Medtronic employee donations to nonprofit organizations. These efforts will contribute to the immediate response, and as the situation evolves, the Medtronic Foundation will evaluate needs and consider additional contributions and volunteer opportunities as appropriate.

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