‘Microchip your dogs – not your employees’ says CIPR

The CIPR has raised concerns over the prospect of British employers implanting staff with microchips to improve security and efficiency.

The news follows recent reports in the Independent  that several legal and financial firms in the UK are in discussions with a company responsible for fitting thousands of people with chips in Scandinavia.

The CIPR believes microchipping staff undermines employee privacy and does not serve the interests of businesses in the long-term.

Jenni Field Chart.PR, FCIPR, 2019 CIPR President-Elect said:

At a time when discussions at the highest levels of business are focussed on developing new models in engaging and empowering the workforce, these proposals are a step in the wrong direction.

Implanting microchips in staff through invasive surgery is both unethical and unnecessary. If businesses microchip staff to secure their confidential material and manage risk, they will be requiring employees to go through a minor surgical procedure every 2-3 years, just to stay in touch with the current rate of technological development.

Trusting staff – and treating them with respect – improves productivity. Microchipping them like dogs does not.

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