Mr. Peanut Wants to Help Men #SaveYourNuts this Movember

As a 102-year-old nut expert, Mr. Peanut knows a thing or two about nuts and is passionate about helping men prevent testicular cancer. This Movember, everyone’s WingNut, will teach men how to screen themselves for testicular cancer and encourage men to not just grow a moustache, but to #SaveYourNuts, too.

Mr. Peanut teamed up with Dr. Darien Sutton-Ramsey to create a tutorial video with step-by-step instructions on how to do a quick self-cancer screen.

“It’s important for men to conduct self-cancer screens on their testicles regularly, however many aren’t sure how to do it,” said Dr. Sutton-Ramsey. “In our step-by-step video, Mr. Peanut and I walk through the three simple steps to check for any irregularities.”

To further his support for the Movember Foundation, Mr. Peanut and the NUTmobile will be sporting moustaches throughout the month. Mr. Peanut is also raising funds and awareness for men’s health through his Movember fundraising page on

Planters is proud to partner with the Movember Foundation this year to drive awareness for men’s health issues,” said Samantha Hess, Brand Manager at Kraft Heinz. “Mr. Peanut knows nuts, and we’re hoping that he can help men nationwide better know their own.”

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