Napapijri X EcoResolution Presents a series of IGTV lives showcasing influential changemakers to educate and inspire audiences on sustainability

Iconic fashion brand Napapijri partners with EcoResolution, an environmental justice platform, to host a series of talks on Instagram showcasing young influential change-makers as they discuss their work in environmental justice, intersectional activism and movement building.

In 2015 Napapijri took the decisive move towards ethical fashion by banning the use of fur and opting for an eco-fur made of synthetic Kanecaron® fibres and then in 2016 stopping the use of down from all products and instead developed a unique THERMO-FIBRE™ insulation which is light, warm and quick drying. Now in 2021, Napapijri’s Circular Series of fully recyclable jackets has been recognised with the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold certification, the World’s most advanced standard for safe, circular and responsible materials and products.

Napapijri is set on creating better products for people and the world by investing in the development of innovative manufacturing methods and materials to support their design aspirations and sustainable practises all in order to grow into an ever-evolving sustainable brand where materials, practices and processes are developed through a sustainable lens. Staying true to this trajectory, Napapijri is working hard to achieve its next goal: to ensure that 100% of its materials come from regenerative, responsible, renewable or recycled sources by 2030.

Choose Future for the brand has always been more than a claim. It is the way in which individuals want to play a part. – Napapijri

EcoResolution is part of the new charity Initiative Earth that will launch later this year as a global platform for education in ecosystem restoration and sustainability. EcoResolution creates mainstream campaigns and enables easy access to resources in order to re-story how we perceive ourselves, each other and the environments we are a part of.

EcoResolution is excited to partner with Napapijri in order to platform inspiring change-makers as they explore critical topics to how we can all build happier and healthier futures. – Christabel Reed, Founder

Continuing on Napapijri’s mission to design the future of circular fashion and grow into an ever-evolving sustainable brand whilst exploring individual, collective and systemic change through EcoResolution.


The Future is: Our Choice

The first live is an open talk about how everyone can help in their own way to make a difference, through the choices we make to help the environment and our own mental health. This talk will explore what choices can be made towards a more empathetic and environmentally friendly future.

The Future is: Zero Waste

The second talk will be focusing on zero waste and how most waste is the result of our ‘throwaway culture’, the poor lifespan of products and ultimately the sheer number of products consumed on a daily basis.

The Future is: Compassionate

The third talk sparks the conversation of how humans are capable of not only preventing ecological catastrophe but of building societies around nature, liberation and most importantly compassion.

The Future is: Traceable

The fourth and final talk will be a conversation all about traceability, the balance of ethics and sustainability and ultimately the need for more transparent and accountability within the fashion industry.

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