National Vegetarian Week will be 15–21 May 2023

National Vegetarian Week 15–21 May 2023 will be bigger and better than ever with a very clear focus on the climate crisis. The week will highlight how switching to veggie meals can reduce your carbon footprint and help the planet. Making your meals better by miles! Keep up to date with the latest news about the week at

Richard McIlwain, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society, said: “The very first National Vegetarian Week ran in 1992, the same year as the Rio Earth Summit which saw the creation of the first ever UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Thirty years later, we are still battling to reduce emissions and yet every single one of us can take meaningful action by simply reducing or cutting out meat from our diets.

“In 2022’s campaign, we inspired people to switch over 70,000 meat-based meals for veggie and plant-based dishes, saving over 100 tons of carbon, equivalent to the emissions released by driving a car around the earth’s equator over 16 times!

“For 2023 we want to reach out to even more people encouraging a greater number of businesses, schools, local authorities, supermarkets and individuals taking part in the week. People often don’t think their own actions can make much of a difference. But by joining the many thousands of people signing up for the week, we aim to demonstrate how, together, individual efforts can lead to real and meaningful change.”

National Vegetarian Week 2022 saw record-breaking attempts, celebrity supporters and fantastic planet-friendly recipes. It also had a range of businesses across the UK getting involved and, for the first time, was supported by local authorities, many of which have declared climate emergencies.

The National Food Strategy says the UK should eat 30% less meat by 2030. For people who eat meat every day, this can be achieved by going meat-free on just two days a week.

The Vegetarian Society is a campaigning charity bringing the benefits of plant-based eating to all! It campaigns to make the changes happen that need to happen. Changes to help people. To help the planet, and to help animals.

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