Toiletries Amnesty is delighted to announce the launch of their fundraising initiative – 15 for Hygiene. 

More people than ever are living in hygiene poverty and that figure looks set to increase amid the current cost of living crisis and political turmoil. In a bid to keep providing vital support to those in need, Toiletries Amnesty has come up with a unique campaign to bolster fundraising – 15 for Hygiene.

The premise is simple. Individuals are invited to become a hygiene hero and fundraise on behalf of Toiletries Amnesty by doing their ‘15 for Hygiene’. You might choose to sell 15 dresses on depop or groom 15 cats! Seasoned bakers might enjoy making and selling 15 cakes. Looking to make a New Year’s resolution? Why not give up 15 of your coffee shop lattes and donate the money you save instead? Alternatively, individuals might just choose to donate £15!

15 for hygiene encourages people to do a little bit of good for themselves, for their communities, and for those living in hygiene poverty. Every donation, however small, makes a real difference. Last year, Toiletries Amnesty supported over 2.25 million people living in hygiene poverty, and had a positive environmental impact too, diverting hundreds of tonnes of beauty waste away from landfill.

For more details on the campaign and how to be a hygiene hero, be sure to visit

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