New Catalyst Report Shows Committed Companies are Advancing More Women to Leadership Roles

The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change represent more than 70 high-profile CEOs, whose companies represent more than 10 million employees and over $3 trillion in revenue globally. These leaders have boldly pledged to advance more women, particularly women of color, into senior leadership positions. In 2019, Champion companies outpaced their global peers in advancing women at every level—from managers to board members. One particular bright spot is board representation. Women at our Champion companies held 31.6% of board seats, compared to the 26% of board seats held by women at S&P 500 companies.

This year, we asked companies to share more data on progress they have made toward racial equity, particularly the representation of women who identify with underrepresented ethnic and racial groups across the leadership pipeline and in the countries in which they operate. We are proud to report on the progress Champion companies have made, but recognize that more work is always needed to ensure that these talented women have the same opportunities for advancement as their peers. This report includes:

  • Three key actions organizations should take to accelerate their journey toward racial equity.
  • Spotlight stories from Champion companies.
  • New data on women’s representation across race and gender at Champion companies.

Download the full report.

How to cite: Towards a more equitable future: The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change. (2020). Catalyst.

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