New Greensill report validates PRCA call for reform

The Public Relations and Communications (PRCA), has responded to a new Greensill lobbying report, commissioned by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

PRCA Public Affairs Board Chair, Liam Herbert said:
“The publication of the Greensill report commissioned by the Prime Minister validates our long-standing call for reform to the Lobbying Act. The report confirms that Mr Greensill was given ‘extraordinarily privileged access’ and rightly points to the utter lack of transparency in the lobbying which resulted in a disproportionate level of access by a privileged few.  
“Lobbying is an essential and vital element in our democracy but it must be ethical and transparent, which is the cornerstone of the PRCA approach. As our six-point plan on lobbying reform clearly lays out, it’s time to put accountability and trust to the top of the agenda.”

Read the full report here.

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