New Leaders Council in Collaboration with Allen & Gerritsen Launches Rebrand

New Leaders Council (NLC), a nationally renowned leadership development organization dedicated to training and connecting a new generation of equity-driven leaders, announces the launch of its rebrand, which was led by comprehensive independent agency Allen & Gerritsen (A&G). A&G’s strategy team worked with NLC internal stakeholders across the country to develop a refreshed brand identity that encapsulates the energy, scale and cross-sector strength of the organization.

As part of the rebrand, A&G helped to update NLC’s design and logo system, originally designed for a single chapter, but today is used in nearly all 50 chapters across the country. The new logo system utilizes a range of neon-inspired colors to highlight NLC’s vibrant diversity and leverages a commonly understood symbol – the speech bubble – to underscore the importance of communication in leadership. The forward tilt of the symbol also calls attention to NLC’s goal of driving a multidimensional, inclusive and equitable future. The rebrand is being utilized on websites, social properties and email avatars, as well as in a range of future swag, from lapel pins to clothing. 

Much like NLC’s model for networked place-based leadership, the refreshed brand allows for each chapter to express the unique character of their community with a chapter-specific logo while remaining connected by shared values and vision of the future, as expressed by the universal icon in all the logos.

“NLC is all about investing in the development of a new kind of leader, one that builds trust, centers equity and reflects the experiences and identities of the communities we serve,” said Clare Bresnahan English, Executive Director of New Leaders Council. “We wanted our rebrand to encapsulate the palpable energy and aspiration of NLC, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out. Our collaboration with A&G is not just about a new logo; it updates our visual identity to tell our story of how NLC alumni move our country forward.”

Founded in 2005, NLC has trained over 10,000 alumni from 50 chapters across the country to create a civic ecosystem of place-based, proximate leaders. These leaders arise from the communities they serve and are equipped with the experiences, relationships and knowledge to develop solutions that will have a measurable, sustainable and long-lasting impact. NLC alumni span professional journalism, corporate and nonprofit leadership, members of Congress and state legislatures, community organizers and more. 

“NLC gave us the freedom to pursue a truly transformational and innovative rebrand rooted in their brand identity,” said Chris Fernandez, Group Creative Director at Allen & Gerritsen. “We had the challenge of creating a cohesive brand identity for the national organization, and also giving each of the more than 50 chapters and caucuses a system to allow geographic pride and personalization, while still remaining part of a design eco-system. Ultimately, I think we gave them an exciting new visual identity they can take pride in while also solving a real business need.” 

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