Good Around the Globe Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Support Sustainable Small Businesses

Good Around the Globe, an online video marketplace with a networking collective, helps local businesses with big dreams. The company recently launched a crowdfunding campaign through IFUNDWOMEN (ifw) to connect socially impactful small businesses with a community of loyal customers.

Good Around the Globe Founder Nilvia Brinkley said, “Good Around the Globe is a socially responsible business marketplace for creating connection and a chain reaction between social impact and small business success. The company was founded for the specific purpose of helping organizations with big dreams, big hearts, big missions and a big need for our support.”
Research shows that 90 percent of consumers want to spend their money with individuals and businesses where their spending makes an impact. For customers, Good Around the Globe provides such a marketplace. Consumers can sponsor a local nonprofit, repair cars for charity or partner with benefactors. The company provides a one-stop shop to find and support ethical, transparent, sustainable brands.

Consumers can find companies that provide for day-to-day needs on the Good Around the Globe app, such as groceries, gifts, pop-up bakeries or other businesses. All of the companies listed on Good Around the Globe make a difference in the communities they serve. The technology created allows customers to connect with purpose-driven businesses they want to support and allows small businesses to stay in touch with loyal customers and continue growing the business. The app introduces each company with a short video to show their impact on the world.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” Brinkley said. “But they do sport aprons and name tags, have hard-working employees and wear many different hats. Having a place to know where you are shopping and why you are shopping, and knowing your money is going to the pockets of people you love is not only rewarding but contagious. It creates a simultaneous giving streak that will keep spreading. “

Good Around the Globe has a funding goal of $30,000 to impact as many purpose-driven small businesses as possible. The campaign believes in the African proverb that says, “No matter how small you are, you can make a difference. Don’t believe it? Just spend a night with a mosquito in your room!”

Good Around the Globe wants to show that no matter how small the business, they can make an impact on the lives, communities and futures of the people around them. Funds from the campaign will be used to complete the platform, contract advanced technical assistance, subsidize costs to keep the program affordable and build the interactive directory.

Good Around the Globe is looking for small start-ups or mom-and-pop shops with a passion for giving back to join its virtual marketplace. For more information, visit and join the ifw campaign.

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