Northern Trust Releases 2022 Philanthropic Impact Report

Northern Trust donated more than $165 million over the past decade to non-profit organizations, including more than $19 million in 2022 to organizations working to provide food security, affordable housing, accessible healthcare and quality education.

Additionally, Northern Trust employees have provided more than 1 million hours of volunteer service over the past decade. During Northern Trust’s global month of service in October, known as Achieving Greater Together, employees volunteered more than 25,000 hours for more than 1,200 organizations. This marked a nearly 150 percent increase over last year in the number of employees participating, a 50 percent increase in the number of recipient organizations and more than doubling previous volunteer hours.

These metrics and more can be found in Northern Trust’s 2022 Philanthropic Impact Report.

“From our company’s earliest days, we have worked in service of a better future for our communities. Whether through philanthropy or volunteerism, supporting basic needs-food security, affordable housing, accessible healthcare and quality education-can put people on the path to long-term financial success,” said Shana Hayes, director corporate of philanthropy at Northern Trust.

Examples highlighted in the report include:


Northern Trust works to increase access to safe and stable shelter to help lay the foundation for educational achievement and a more secure future by supporting organizations such as Chicago-based La Casa Norte.

The organization provides access to stable housing and delivers comprehensive services that help transform lives and communities for young people and families confronting homelessness.


Northern Trust works with organizations that support educational equity to foster human potential including East End Community Foundation, based in London.

Many households in the East End are without internet service, creating a barrier to accessing education and employment. Through donations, Northern Trust helped fund a digital inclusion program Connecting Communities, providing families with primary school-aged children with a laptop, 12 months’ fiber broadband and tailored IT and online safety training, making remote learning and employment applications possible.


Northern Trust supports organizations, including Bangalore Medical Services Trust, to maximize healthcare access and awareness.

Bangalore Medical Services Trust provides safe blood, cellular and tissue products to hospital patients, while also performing research, advocacy, training, education and other interventions in social and health sectors.

In August 2022, Northern Trust provided the organization with an automated immunohematology analyzer and blood grouping machine, already benefiting nearly 10,000 patients and their families.

Food Security

Northern Trust supports organizations including World Central Kitchen to ensure reliable, everyday access to nutritious meals.

World Central Kitchen works with communities during urgent, large-scale incidents by mobilizing around the world to provide meals to those who need them most.

Northern Trust provided funding for these meals in war-torn Ukraine, as well as during Hurricane Ian relief.

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